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Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 9 months ago

New Holland Honeyeater posing

New Holland Honeyeater During the warmer months of the year, there is a constant stream of birds coming to my birdbaths for a drink. On hot days many of them will also come for a dip in the water. What always amuses me, however, is the number of bird...

Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 10 months ago

World Environment Day

Eastern Rosella WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2018 World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th June every year. I cannot remember posting anything about this day in all of the years I have been writing on this site. This is a first for me. I live on the e...

Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 1 year ago

Silvereyes come for a bath

Silvereye (Yellow-rumped Thornbill in background) In my last article here I posted some photos of Yellow-rumped Thornbills bathing in the small pools of water which gather after rain on our swimming pool solar blanket. On the same day, a small number...