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Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 9 months ago

New Holland Honeyeater posing

New Holland Honeyeater During the warmer months of the year, there is a constant stream of birds coming to my birdbaths for a drink. On hot days many of them will also come for a dip in the water. What always amuses me, however, is the number of bird...

Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 1 year ago

An uncooperative Eastern Spinebill

Eastern Spinebill Last week I had a close encounter with a very uncooperative Eastern Spinebill (see photo above) in the Ku Ring Gai Wildflowers Gardens in St Ives in Sydney. My wife and I enjoy visiting these gardens every time we come to stay with...

Bird Photography / Latest Pictures - 1 year ago

Get away, Turkey

Australian Brush Turkey Over recent weeks we have been staying with family in Sydney. During our four week stay, we have observed Australian Brush Turkeys on many occasions. One actually walked past their house on the footpath in Artarmon. Whenever w...